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Anker 1

VW Passat 1300 Typ 32b

cutting 20cm above the wheels

concrete plattform

2,02m x 4,96m x 0,17m

Two opposing swimming pools.

3,50 x 1,60 x 25 m

40 cm lifted off the ground.

Stainless steel, glass, container .

The installation shows three images from the series night zoo. The pictures were taken in the Singapore Zoo, a set of nine fotos.

The Austrian architecture office Ortner & Ortner Baukunst won the international competition in 2008 and they instructed me to design the facade and to develop an art-concept for the building.

A plattform with a red carpet driven by 3 half Malaguti scooters. The materials we used were wood, steel, red carpet and 3 Malaguti scooters. Size is 2,34 m by 3,15 m.

A low budget project located in Kleve.

The location - a garage .

4I4 im Mimi e Rosa.3.20x3.90m

Opel Kadett Kombi, weiße Folie , rosa Federn, Stahl, Kassettenrecorder

The shape of the visitor center was developed from the formal language of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. 

Ein öffentliches Zimmer im Freien. Installation Worringerpplatz Düsseldorf.

5 lane roundabout around the Ruhrgebiet

1,56 x 3,05 x 7,25

a living room

a bedroom

a Courtyard with

a small pool

a bathroom

a guestroom .

9 photographs

3,00 x 2,25 m

Exhibition architecture Lehmbruck Museum

Ein kleines Sportvereinsheim, der geschotterte „Festplatz“ am Rande eines Fußballfeldes – am Rande der K 151, in einer monokulturell genutzten, graphisch anmutenden Landschaft.

roof top on a 3-level residental and commercial building. Stainless steel facade with floral tattoo elements.

Anker 2



11.11.- 21.12.




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