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Green Green Gras
grün grün gras.jpg
green green gras

Worringer Platz in Düsseldorf is an island. Pedestrians, scooter riders, skaters, bicycles, motorists, streetcars and trucks all flow around this place in different ways. A collection of strange miniature-like structures on the square shift the scale and form a counter-world. The trees surrounding the square appear to create space. At almost all times of the day there is a hustle and bustle that swirls in different directions. For some, the square is also home. A public room in the open air.


Worringer Platz is being given a carpet of rolled turf. The carpet ornamentation results from the movements on the square and changes daily. On day one, it is a soft, green surface that appears freshly washed. Gradually, tracks appear, running lines appear where the grass has been flattened. Over a total of seven days, the surface changes from day to day. It may become dry and dusty and increasingly yellowish. Perhaps the edges are disintegrating or holes are appearing. For a moment in seven days, the soft surface of the grass documents what is happening in the public room outside.

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