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"Quinto Quarto"

Exhibition organizers Claudia Thümler and André Schweers, together with Felix Rahne, invite artists who face the 5/4.


Metro 4/4



The shelves of the Metro exert a special fascination.  Meter-high walls filled with food from all over the world form the room. 


The size of the picture relates to the rear room of the espresso bar and interacts with it via the width and height of the wall. When you enter Mimi é Rosa, the real space of the small bar, where fine Italian dishes are cooked, blurs at first with the blurred space of the metro image.


At second glance, the radiator, the shelves, the table and chairs seem like miniature foreign bodies in a much larger spatial scale. 


Kopie von Metro P2.jpg
Kopie von Metro P1.jpg
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